Intel is jumping into the 32nm process with both feet with their new Clarkdale family.  Shrinking the 45nm process Nehalem into the 32nm Westmere core is only part of the new family.  They have also included a 45nm GPU into the chip and that merging of the two is what makes a Clarkdale CPU.  Perhaps when the original Intel dual cores appeared, that ‘gluing’ together of two separate cores was practice for the process of merging two cores, one a CPU and one a GPU into a single die.  [H]ard|OCP has a great look at the performance here in their review

You should not skip Ryan’s review, here at PC Perspective.

“Intel fuses its new 32nm Westmere processor along with its 45nm GPU onto one package. This is Intel’s new Clarkdale CPU that will be officially known as Intel Core i5-6XX and Intel Core i3-5XX series processors. Today we look at the Core i5-661 which we compare to the Core i5-750, Core i7-965, and AMD Phenom II X4.”

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