One of the many pieces of big news around the web this week is the Clarkdale IGP, which has moved from the motherboard directly onto the CPU.  Intel has hopes that this will turn around their current reputation of producing IGPs that should be avoided at all costs.  The current favourite does still sit on the motherboard, as part of AMD’s 785G chipset.  MADSHRIMPS compares these two low cost graphics solutions to see how they perform as well as comparing the relative benefits of the two solutions. 

“With the launch of Clarkdale by Intel, they have finally released a Nehalem for the masses, the Core i3 and i5 variations with integrated graphics are a direct competitor to the market segment currently held by AMD Phenom and Athlon CPUs. In this article we compare the performance of the IGP on the Intel Core i5 661 to and AMD system with 785G chipset.”

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