The kilowatt PSU market, which didn’t even exist until very recently is getting quite crowded and unfortunately a lot of that crowd is really not good at their jobs.  ABS has entered the fray with the humbly named ABS Majesty MJ1100-M 1100W PSU, with a claimed 87% efficiency.  It has six 6+2pin PCI-E 2.0 and twelve 5-Pin SATA connectors which ought to keep most enthusiasts happy especially with 996W on the 12V line.  [H]ard|OCP has seen a pair of units from ABS previously so they had some preconceptions about this PSU, some of which were right and others that were not.  Overall they decided that if you consider it an 800W PSU then it does a stellar job.

“ABS has a long history in the do-it-yourself computer components market. ABS was the company that spawned the creation of Newegg. ABS has had its own computer power supply line for some time, but overall the products have been weak. Is the latest ABS Majesty true royalty at 1100 watts, or another PSU court jester?”

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