[H]ard|OCP has assembled about an hours worth of video featuring AMD’s Justin Hensley discussing the various features of AMD’s Open Computer Language.  The idea behind OpenCL, if you have not yet encountered it in the wild, is to open up a general computing language for everybody.  There are other popular ways to program for GPGPUs, instruction sets that will work on a CPU as well as a GPU, but these programs are licensed and require you to pay before you can get your hands on them.  AMD is hoping that by open sourcing their general processing language that it will become popular among those just dipping their fingers into this type of coding, as well as those who are already involved in this type of project.

“If “running a canned benchmark is something you consider a challenge, this is not for you! In fact, it is not for most of us. But if you feel the need to get under the covers when it comes to OpenCL, this is your chance. AMD has put together a short series of videos about OpenCL from a programming viewpoint.”

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