The name is still a mystery, but the pictures at Elite Bastards tell a story of ASUS’ new board.  The AM3 socket is obvious and the connectors include HDMI, DVI and VGA connectors so you can also be confident that there is onboard graphics, though it is hard to say that it will be a 785G board.  The big news that ASUS gave out along with the pictures is that the board will support SATA6 and USB 3.0, features that are very rare right now.

You can also see shots of this mysterious board at eTeknix.

“The chip in question comes courtesy of NEC, and it’s this little fellow that gives the motherboard its USB 3.0 support. As per Intel, it appears that AMD won’t be adding USB 3.0 support to their chipsets natively just yet.

Another look at the backplate of this motherboard reveals the part’s USB 3.0 ports are marked out in blue, with a couple of ports sporting USB 3.0 speeds and functionality available here.”

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