Whilst playing through Dragon Age Origins a quest appears which seems to be offered by a beggar.  While having your own keep is cool, the quest is not unlockable until you leave the game and shell over a few more bucks to Microsoft.  If you don’t bother to buy those Microsoft points then the fellow just follows around your entourage and offers disparaging looks.  There are more paid downloadable quests planned, such as the Return to Ostagar.

Now we have seen a trailer for Dragon Age Awakening, less of a paid downloadable quest as it is a new game offering a chance to carry your original character into a new story or starting with a new character and new origin to explore the new story line with.  Drop by Joystiq for a look if you haven’t seen the trailer yet.

“You’d hoped that after investing 60 hours of your life, you could hang up your sword and catch a breather until the next BioWare RPG, but, oh no, the Darkspawn did not simply disappear. Thankfully, today’s announcement of Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening, a retail expansion to Joystiq’s “4th Best of 2009,” has been accompanied by this video pep talk. After all, you have quite the task ahead of you.

Awakening will be released March 16 for $39.99 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. A copy of the original Dragon Age: Origins is required to play.”

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