Call it SATA 3.0, or you could call it SATA 6Gbs if you want, but what you will be referring to is the newest SATA interface, faster than the previous though not quite 6Gbs.  The newest drive to take advantage of this update is the 2TB Seagate Barracuda XT.  Its size does make it fairly expensive compared to most platter based drives but it still sits in a lower price bracket than most SSDs.  hardCOREware ran this huge drive through a battery of tests with the help of a Gigabyte motherboard with a Marvell SE9128 controller to be able to utilize SATA 3.0.  This comes at a cost, the extra bandwidth needed for the SATA bus comes from your second PCIe slot, so no dual graphics with SATA 3.0 if you use Gigabyte’s board.  ASUS uses a different solution, but it will cost you more pocket change.

“Check out our full review to find out of the XT really benefits from SATA 3.0 connectivity, and how it performs on standard 3 Gbps SATA 2.0 in comparison. We also put it up against the drive it has supplanted as Seagate’s top-end desktop drive: The 1 TB Barracuda 7200.12. They are more similar than you would expect, so it makes for an interesting review.”

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