The OCZ Black Edition DDR3-1600 memory kit is supposed to be designed specifically for AMD Black Edition CPUs.  The colour certainly matches and the badge on the heatspreaders are a nice touch but it is really the performance that matters, which is what Benchmark Reviews set out to determine.   8-8-8-24 timings are relatively low, but to refer to RAM that uses the standard DDR3 voltage, 1.65V, as low voltage does seem to be a stretch.  Black Edition Memory Profiles, tied in with AMD’s OverDrive Utility is a rather nice touch; limiting support to only 965BE (C2) and 955BE CPUs is not.  Check out the results in their full review.

“There is no shortage of DDR3 memory in the marketplace these days, and it’s priced lower than DDR2 in many cases. As always though, the choices to be made when selecting RAM for a system can be confusing. There are a lot of kits currently available that are “optimized” for Intel i5 and i7 systems, and now OCZ has released two new low voltage kits that are designed to complement the AMD Black Edition series of CPUs. Both sets of DIMMs are specified at 1600 MHz; one at CL7 timings, and the other at CL8. They are both rated to run these speeds at 1.65v. In this article Benchmark Reviews will examine how a dual-channel kit of CL8 modules, optimized for an AMD 790FX platform, performs at a variety of speeds and timings. ”

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