Along with the die shrink and moving the memory controller and PCI Express lanes onto a separate die, the other big move from Intel for the new Clarkdale family is to place the IGP onto that second die as well.  We have learned not to use Intel’s IGP for anything graphically demanding, there are far better solutions out there.  For light graphical duty on a budget class PC Intel has enjoyed a lead over the competition and they hope the new iGFX chip will help them keep that market.  Drop by LOSTCIRCUITS for a look at both the performance of the chip as well as a look at how this IGP can borrow cycles from the CPU.

“In the first part of this article, we covered the design of Intel’s new integrated CPU + iGFX, combining a Westmere dual core die with a 3rd generation integrated graphics processor on the same package. The pinout is slightly modified compared to the Lynnfield platform, featuring one extra pin compared to the Lynnfield platform to bring the total pin count up to 1156 (to signal the presence of the graphics processor) yet maintains overall cross-compatibility with the Lynnfield platform. In this second part we are looking at the performance of Clarkdale with special emphasis on the synergism between the two separate processors, namely the borrowing of CPU cycles for graphics processing, and were it applies – or not.”

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