At the PC Perspective Forums there is really no such thing as a dumb question, the world of tech is large and everyone will run into things they’ve never seen.  Taking a two week holiday you run a good chance of missing a generation change in some sort of component.  For instance, how many of you knew about this little piece of kit from Lucid and could answer questions about it?  The point of our forums is to offer you a place where not only can you ask a question you wish you didn’t have to ask we also answer that question, not just for you, but for all the others who are need help now and in the future.  Even our long time members stumble into problems or are just looking to see if anyone out there knows a trick that they do not.    

The magic of search, right?

Plus, if you are looking to catch up on the tech world after the holidays or you have solved all the problems in you current kit and can’t tweak it any further, you can catch all the latest news (even that Apple thing) on the weekly PC Perspective Podcast.