CES 2010 Buzz Machine Hums - Shows and Expos 3With CES 2010 just a few sleeps away, the buzz surrounding this year’s show is reaching a feverish pitch. With a dry week of news behind them, bloggers and reporters alike are lapping up the sweet nectar of pre-show hype.

I think many in the industry are looking to CES as a forecast for the next few years – like Ground Hog Day for the tech industry.

Brightside of NewsCES 2010 Buzz Machine Hums - Shows and Expos 4Palm Pre 3 is expected to appear at CES with a press announcement on January 7th, 11am .

Brighthand.comSynaptics to change the way we interact with Smart Phones? It has touch sensors all over its body so you can touch and caress it. Make sure to use a screen protector when using someone else’s phone.

Absolute Gadget802.11n digital picture frames are coming our way. I never bought into the whole digital picture frame idea and most of my friends have theirs unplugged. Find me a frame that is solar powered and WiFi, and you’ll have me interested.

ExaminerHP’s new products leaked before CES 2010 – whoops! Nothing too earth-shattering, but the new 14″ HP Pavilion dv4i may be interesting.

CNet Asia summarizes what it perceives as the home theater trends we’ll see at this year’s CES. HDMI 1.4 is expected to be everywhere and vendors making it like the Holy Grail for device connectivity.

– Steve Ballmer will also be talking about the latest developments in Project Natal. You can bet there will be long lines at CES to try this.