CoolerMaster has a new low cost case on the market, which comes in two flavours, the CM690 II Standard for about $80 and the Advanced for about $100.  The differences between the two are the inclusion of a VGA card support bracket, SSD adapter, and SATA hard drive dock in the Advanced version.  There are a total of 10 possible fans that can be installed, from an 80mm fan positioned near the graphics card to the pair of 140mm fans providing the main source of airflow.  At 214.5 x 511.8 x 528.8mm you shouldn’t have to worry too much about heatsink compatibility, though you might consider it heavy as it is over 20lbs empty.  Legit Reviews ahas the goods if you are shopping for a new full tower.

“Overall, I really like the Cooler Master CM690 II Advanced PC gaming case. It is very easy to work in and on. The ability to remove items from the case that are not needed or to make room for things like dual radiators without cutting up a perfectly good case is a really big plus. The ability to use multiple 120mm or 140mm fans, and combinations thereof, to cool the case is a big plus. I also really liked the overall look of the case. It has simple lines and not an in your face aggressive design, but more blending in and not look out of place in my living room.”

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