A new year means new projects for the average computer geek, nerd or enthusiast; often utilizing parts that were wrapped in paper and living under a tree just a few short weeks ago.   Of course, not everyone gets a smooth ride, nor does everyone have instant inspiration as to what system to build.  Others have been slaving away trying to make PC Perspective a name to be feared in the ASUS Xtreme Design Contest.  Even those that have finished their build successfully aren’t done, as there is still plenty of work left getting the best overclock for all of your components. 

Windows users who have upgraded to Windows 7 are also having a lot of fun, from getting USB to work properly to greedy system interrupts.  Some forum members have had to invoke ‘God Mode‘ to try to solve their problems. 

Whatever hurdles you encounter, you can count on the fine members of the PC Perspective Forum to provide you with help; and the PC Perspective staff to post a new podcast … soonish.   It is just that they have been a little busy!