Steve Grever has just finished up a review of the Zalman MS1000-HS2 Mid-Tower a mid-tower case that will set you back about $175.  Preinstalled are two 120mm fans and one 92mm fan space left to double that amount, or mount a radiator if you choose watercooling.  There are extra features like sound dampening panels, dust filters, spring loaded removable HDD covers and tool-less installation.  It does not have a removable motherboard tray but with a nice hole cut in the back to allow easy access to the back plate of your heatsink it really doesn’t need one.  Overall it is a very functional, if not particularly flashy case which you should definitely take a peek at.

“The case itself is beautifully designed and goes away from many modern PC case designs that include tons of windows, LED fans, LED lights, and other flashy features. I actually prefer a case like the MS1000-HS2 that puts performance and functionality over flashy and cheap design elements. The included sound dampening material was definitely a bonus, but it would have been better to have all the interior walls covered in this material to make the case more silent.”

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