Ever had the need for a cable or adapter that you thought for sure you had but simply couldn’t find anymore?  Or just need another HDMI cable and could use some extras along with it?  The gang at Galaxy has obviously had that feeling just like the writer’s at PC Perspective have and decided to offer a solution for it. 

Galaxy wants to sell you some cables - Graphics Cards 4

Galaxy is now offering a couple of sets of cable combo packs that will help you should that need arise.  For the online market you’ll get a decent collection of “might need” cables including a 5-ft HDMI cable, S-Video cable, two SPDIF to SPDIF internal audio cables and even a fixed size SLI bridge.  The adaptors included help you convert from DVI-to-VGA, DVI-to-HDMI, S-Video to component HD and even S-Video to composite. 

Galaxy wants to sell you some cables - Graphics Cards 5

Galaxy will also have an option for the retail user shopping at Best Buy that has some of the items: SLI bridge, SPDIF cables, component HD adapter, DVI-to-VGA and DVI-to-HDMI. 

Galaxy wants to sell you some cables - Graphics Cards 6

The online pack will run you $29 at stores like Newegg.com while the retail pack will cost about $39 at Best Buy and Fry’s stores.  Obviously the online pack is going to be a better deal for our readers considering the inclusion of a good length HDMI cable (Best Buy doesn’t want to kill sales of their own branded HDMI cables obviously).  Yes, you can likely find individual cables separately but with the convenience of these VGA accessory packs, that might not be necessary.