Google Chrome has turned 4 (.0.249.78) and Ars Technica tried it out so they could tell you what’s new.  An Extension Manager now exists for keeping track of and modifying your installed instructions; you can pick some up here if you haven’t.  The extensions may seem limited compared to Firefox now, but it will grow as people develop more, for both Google’s browser and its operating system as the extensions will work on both.  You should also see a speed boost, at least according to the results of the benchmarking that has been done.

“Google has announced the official release on Windows of Chrome 4, an updated version of the company’s Web browser. It offers a handful of significant improvements, including support for extensions and bookmark synchronization.

Due to Chrome’s rolling development model, these features have been widely used by testers for quite some time. The official release means that the new functionality will be rolled out to regular end users through the stable channel. In addition to the major feature enhancements, Chrome 4 also brings a performance boost. Its score in the Dromeo DOM benchmarks is a 45 percent improvement over the previous version.”

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