To start off the second week of 2010 at the PC Perspective forums is some rather good news.  One of our members, Tim Shadler pulled of second place in the ASUS Xtreme Design Contest with his Eight-Tuner-Ruiner custom build.  His thread now has a demonstration video along with some rather creative unboxing videos of the various components that went into his build.  Please drop by his build thread to offer your congratulations and jealousy!

Other members are slaving away at their own desktops; once you have caught the builder bug it will never let you go, especially when you realize how much freedom you have.  Maybe you want to build an environmentally sound PC, or maybe you want to suck down as much juice as possible without releasing the magic smoke; the choice is yours.

If you are happy with where your PC is currently and are just looking for a bit of entertainment, The Lightning Round is the perfect place in which to engage in debates about the world around you, if you are so inclined.  For those seeking entertainment that is a bit more passive, I would suggest tuning into the newest PC Perspective Podcast; available for you here, along with all the past episodes.

The last thread to pass onto you involves a bit of research that Ryan is conducting.  There has been some visual problems that he and other PC Perspective reviewers have noticed monitor/display noise in both 3D and Windows mode from the AMD 5xxx family of cards; you can see an example of it here.  There is a forum thread where you can let him know if you have encountered any problems so please post there if you own a 5xxx card.