dog with the party hat on my calendar tells me that today is New Year’s Eve…I had no idea.  We have been working on SO much stuff since early December that the entirety of this holiday-laden finale to the year has simply soared by me.  Testing for several articles coming up very quickly in the new year (2010, btw) is still being run and preparations for the migration to Las Vegas for CES have had me stirring in my sleep as well.  With a completely full team going out to the show this year I want to make sure we are not wasting budget and that we can get enough content up in those short few days to make it worth it.

There are several Happy New Year threads in our forums today; check out the entire assortment to find your favorite and get in on the last discussions of the decade!

I apologize for the lack of news today though – that was not intentional.  On the other hand, Ken did get out our 88th edition of the PC Perspective Podcast – so if you are looking for something to do tonight, why not spend it with a bunch of nerds talking about computer hardware and PC gaming? 

Please be safe everyone and I’ll catch you on the flip side!