Intel and Micron had planned on a Monday morning release, but a leak resulted in the cat being out of the bag so here’s a tidbit for those curious.  Intel and Micron will be announcing a die shrink of their flash memory.  What used to be so-called ‘2x nm’ flash as a future stepping stone is now officially 25nm.  This puts Intel and Micron significantly ahead of the competition in terms of die shrink and capacity.

Intel and Micron to announce 25nm flash memory - Storage 2

A new 25nm die.  Live and in the flesh.  Capacity is 64Gbit or 8 Gigabytes (!) per die.

This is not just a press release with pretty die shots.  A handfull of reviewers and analysts were recently invited out to Lehi, Utah for a tour of the IM Flash Technologies facility, where we were briefed on the new product and oversaw volume production of this flash taking place.

Get outta my way, Manly!

I did my best to make off with a 300mm wafer full of over 2TB of 25nm
flash goodness, but was tackled by Troy Winslow of Intel 🙂

I’m working on a full article covering my fab tour experience and detailing what this new 25nm technology means to you.  That piece is set to go live on Monday morning (in parallel with the official Intel / Micron official press release).  *Much* more to follow then.