Today we are seeing the first new CPUs from AMD for 2010, ranging from the $169 Phenom II X4 910e @ 2.6GHz to the $74 AMD Athlon II X2 255 @ 3.1GHz.  Only the Phenom IIs sport L3 cache, one of the reasons that the Athlon II is less expensive is that lack, the other being the 95W TDP on all but the dual core model.  AnandTech also speculates on what we know of the 6 core models we should see rather soon, whose TDP shoots up to 125W!  The tests show that these new CPUs really don’t bring anything new in, but considering 3 of the 5 processors are under $100 there is still a reason to be excited.

“AMD is looking a lot more competitive in 2010 than I expected just a few months ago. Intel finally unveiled Clarkdale and thanks to the high cost of Core i5 ownership AMD hasn’t really been threatened. The Core i3 530 is the biggest threat, but it only competes with one member of AMD’s lineup at $113.

Thanks to continued improvements in Global Foundries’ 45nm process, AMD is delivering slight clock bumps for its dual, triple and quad-core processors while dropping prices of others. This is what AMD is launching today…”

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