If you want to keep up with all of the latest updates from CES 2010 that pertain to nVIDIA then there are some great ways to do so.  The best way is to keep your eyes on the front page of PC Perspective as we have several members on site providing live blogging as well as news posts.

If you would prefer the news come straight from the horses mouth then there are two additional resources you can use.  The first is nVIDIA’s dedicated CES 2010 webpage, where you can keep up with all of the latest news releases coming from the graphical giant as well as catching Press Conference Webcasts.  They have also posted demonstrations of the new technology that they have revealed at CES 2010.

The second way will appeal to those of short attention span with a strong thirst for instant updates.  The nTersect blog is the official nVIDIA blog for CES 2010 as well as for their regular updates.  They keep both a live blog as the day continues as well as continuing to keep older liveblog events up so that you can revisit anything you missed or were unclear on.

However you prefer to keep up to date make sure to refresh the page often as there is still a lot of CES 2010 left!