Yesterday we shared with you an interesting product from Lenovo, the IdeaPad U1, which is a notebook computer with a detachable screen that acts as a tablet (read the story). Today we have for you detailed specifications for this notebook!

Some interesting tidbits that weren’t known until now:
  • 512MB RAM and 16GB NAND flash memory on the slate
  • 10 hours running time on the notebook, and 8 hours on the slate
Still no word if it’s possible to load on your own apps onto the Snap Dragon OS, and what kind of connectivity is onboard the slate.

Is there a headphone jack?
SD card or Bluetooth stack?
Inquiring minds need to know.
Oh U1, must you tease us so?

Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid Notebook Specs Revealed! - Mobile 2

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