Performance Testing

Set as main monitor with Windows toolbar

Lilliput 7" Mini USB Monitor Review - Displays 25

One of the first tests I wanted to do was to set the USB monitor as my primary display. I wanted to see how good the icons looks and how much space there was for the Windows 7 toolbar too. This monitor didn’t disappoint as the icons looks crisp and clear and the toolbar didn’t take up as much real estate as I initially anticipated. After a while of use it as my primary monitor, I got pretty comfortable with it and it didn’t seem to make me less productive either. Not bad for a 7″ LCD.



Lilliput 7" Mini USB Monitor Review - Displays 26

The second task I wanted to test was using Skype for chat and VOIP. Both worked great and again the native resolution didn’t disappoint me. Having Skype up on this monitor saved me quite a bit of space on my primary displays and I could also monitor who was online at any time without having to bring it up from the bottom toolbar. Very nice.


High-definition video playback

Lilliput 7" Mini USB Monitor Review - Displays 27

Another key function I wanted to evaluate was how this monitor handled video playback. The device itself has an onboard video card of sorts installed so we were curious as to how it would handle high-definition content. We ran a quick 1-minute long 1920×1080 sample video and the video quality was pretty clean for 800×480 resolution. We did notice a little lag at times, but overall the playback was smooth without any artifacts or noticeable delays.


3DMark testing

Lilliput 7" Mini USB Monitor Review - Displays 28

For fun we wanted to see if we could run 3DMark Vantage on this monitor. Unfortunately, the program told us right away that it required a 1280×1024 resolution to administer the test.


PC gaming

Lilliput 7" Mini USB Monitor Review - Displays 29

Another fun test we tried was running Far Cry 2 on the 7″ USB monitor. After a few attempts, the game continued to lock up right on the main boot-up screen so we were unable to see if it could handle a decent FPS and provide decent gaming performance.


Internet browsing

Lilliput 7" Mini USB Monitor Review - Displays 30

An easy function to test was how the monitor handled internet browsing. We browsed PC Perspective and other technology sites and noticed it was quite easy to do and use. The screen quality was outstanding and Lilliput even added a small toggle switch on the front panel to adjust screen brightness.


Farmville on Facebook

Lilliput 7" Mini USB Monitor Review - Displays 31

Lastly, I couldn’t help myself so I had to test Farmville on this monitor because I knew I’d probably be using it to harvest my crops and monitor Facebook activity. Overall, it worked pretty well, but the small display size limited me a bit because my farm is quite expansive. Overall, I’d have to say my experience using the Lilliput 7″ USB monitor has been a positive one and I enjoyed just plugging it into a couple USB ports and letting the system do the rest.


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