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Final Thoughts

Lilliput 7" Mini USB Monitor Review - Displays 25

While the Lilliput 7″ USB monitor didn’t work out for gaming or running gaming benchmarks, it did excel using Skype and Facebook during our performance testing. At 800×480 resolution, we were a bit limited in how we used this monitor, but it definitely delivered in the things the company touted in their literature and on their website. It works perfectly by just pulling power for the device through two USB ports and was pretty lightweight and easy to carry from room to room. I also brought this display with me to CES, but forgot the two USB port adapter at home so I wasn’t able to use it on the road. Overall, for $99 this display performed just as advertised and even because a very functional part of my desktop setup. I loved using it for instant messaging and to open up notepad and create to-do lists. I’m sure many consumers will initially buy this device for the “coolness” factor, but in reality it will help them be more productive and give them a little more real estate to work with.


Pricing and availability

Lilliput 7" Mini USB Monitor Review - Displays 26 has the Lilliput 7″ mini USB monitor for $99 before shipping. A few other sites had it available for around $149, so Thinkgeek definitely set the price right for consumers who want a great display for a great price.



Lilliput 7" Mini USB Monitor Review - Displays 27

We’d like to thank for providing the Lilliput 7″ mini USB monitor for our review today. I’ve been using Lilliput displays for several years now on my custom systems and they have never failed to amaze me with how they perform and function. This display is no different and provides a high enough resolution to make spreadsheets and instant messages very clear and easy to read. These are important features for those users looking for a simple solution to give them just enough space to handle common tasks like monitoring e-mail, widgets, and other small programs.


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