Fermi is the new family of chips from nVIDIA and GF100 is the first hardware we’ve seen from this new line up that replaces the ancient G80 which was incredible in its time but suffers when compared to AMD’s current lineup of DX11 parts.  With the new architecture comes significant changes to the way nVIDIA’s chips will process graphics as well as support for DX11.  Multiple monitor support a la EyeFinity is supported with a nice extra twist, nVIDIA’s 3DVision will be available on multiple monitor setups.

The improvements come at a cost though, the redesign of the CUDA cores took time and the final product sports 3 billion transistors and at approximately 500+ mm squared of die space the yields off of an already troubled 40nm process could cause some concern.  Take in all the information from Josh’s review and know exactly what nVIDIA is up to.

“While AMD is holding the upper hand with full DirectX 11 support from $99 and up, NVIDIA is trying to push aging DX 10 products out into the market. That is, until they can get their first DX 11 product out the door. NVIDIA gave us a sneak peek at the GF100 architecture, and what exactly it brings to gaming, Direct Compute, and GPGPU.”

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