Not the ones to ignore the hot mobile market, Intel today is releasing new Core i3, i5, and i7 mobile CPUs based on the Arrandale core. What makes these new CPUs significantly different from the previous generation Core2 or even the existing i7 mobile CPU based on Clarksfield (not to be confused with the Clarkdale desktop CPU) is the inclusion of Intel’s new HD Graphics with dynamic frequency clocking that adjusts the CPU and GPU frequencies up and down depending on your current task.

In total, 11 new Arrandale-based CPUs are being launched today ranging from standard “M” models and low-power “UM” variations. All new Arrandale CPUs will feature HyperThreading and Intel’s TurboBoost.

Along with Arrandale, new Centrino chipset with updated 802.11n and WiMax options.

We take a look at this new CPU in the form of an Asus K42F – an enticing package of low-cost with Blu-Ray.

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New Intel Arrandale Mobile CPU Released and Reviewed - Mobile 2

Dynamic Frequency enables the chip to vary the clock speeds of the graphics portion of the chip as well as the clocks on the CPU cores.  Imagine an instance where GPU power is more necessary that CPU – say a dual-streaming Blu-ray on your notebook.  Since the Intel HD Graphics does hardware acceleration of that video decode process, it might be more pertinent for the processor to lean towards the GPU in terms of power dissipation.

Another feature that deserves a note here is the dramatically improved media features including native Blu-ray dual-stream support and lossless 7.1 channel audio output that could turn any notebook that integrates these features into a killer mobile HTPC.”

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