Today Intel is launching a whole set of processors and associated chipsets into the mainstream. Up first is the Clarkdale desktop CPU which takes on the Core i5 and Core i3 moniker to help differentiate it from the existing Core i7 Lynnfield processor released last year.

Both the Core i5 and Core i3 feature the new integrated Intel HD Graphics on the same core as the processor itself. This will have dramatic improvements in HD decode and video acceleration including Blu-Ray and Flash 10.1.  The main impact of Clarkdale will be felt in the mainstream mid and low range systems where the lower CPU frequency and integrated HD Graphics will make a definite splash.

Ryan takes the an in-depth look at the new Clarkdale processor and puts the Core i5-661through its paces.

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New Intel Clarkdale CPU Released and Reviewed - Processors 2

“…both desktop and mobile versions of the Westmere architecture are being released today and a total of 17 processors will hit the streets today.

This is the new desktop mainstream processor lineup for Intel going forward.  All six of these processors are dual-core HyperThreaded CPUs with the same amount of cache and memory support across the board.  While the Core i3 series does not support Turbo Mode and its automatic overclocking capability, the Core i5 does.

Obviously the goal of bringing Westmere down to the mainstream segment is to finally put the Nehalem architecture at a low enough price to finally push out the need for the Core 2 line of products and maybe get in AMD’s way once again with their super low cost CPUs.    As the review and benchmarks progress we will see just how successful they are at this. ”

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