The US International Trade Commission and the US Patent Office are not on the same page when they are talking about nVIDIA’s borrowing of RAMBUS technology for their memory controllers on just about every product they are currently selling.  According to the ITC, nVIDIA has infringed on 3 patented technologies and that nVIDIA will be unable to import any product utilizing them, again every product nVIDIA sells.  On the flip side, the Patent Office thought that the claims were groundless and that nVIDIA should have no restrictions on bringing their products into the US to sell.  You can be sure that The Inquirer will be among those following this legal battle closely.

“GRAPHICS CHIP DESIGNER Nvidia is facing a US import ban on some of its chips after the US International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that it nicked some Rambus technology.

In October of last year, Rambus lost a case against Nvidia and the US Patent Office said the former’s claims that Nvidia had infringed its patents were groundless. However the ITC has announced that out of five patents, Nvidia did violate three of them.”

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