Over the past few weeks, the buzz about NVIDIA’s ION 2 and it’s coexistence with Intel’s Pinetrail CPUs has been the subject of much speculation. As we near the 1/2 way of the first quarter of 2010, more details of NVIDIA’s discrete graphics chip are being revealed.

At Blogee.net
, they got their hands on some promotional material that would imply that the ION 2 is a GeForce G310. The document in question shows an Asus EeeTop ET2010PNT All-in-One PC specification, with this little nugget embedded in the list.

NVIDIA Ion 2 Revealed to be GeForce G310? - Mobile 2

While functionally this doesn’t really change much – we already knew that ION 2 would have full-HD decoding with hardware acceleration, and other performance enhancements – it does however give us a taste of what to expect by looking at the current GeForce 310.

Intel’s remark that ION 2 is “overkill” sounds like it’s coming around to bite them. While the industry may have been uncertain how ION 2 would fit into the landscape just a few weeks ago, it’s becoming clear that NVIDIA’s new chip is getting people excited after the anti-climatic launch of Pinetrail. My feeling is that ION 2 will appeal to 2nd or 3rd generation netbook consumers who are hungry for better performance and willing to pay a little extra.