Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts

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  • Fastest MLC SATA 3Gb/sec performance we’ve seen to date!
  • IOPS Performance faster than Intel X25-M G1, not far behind X25-M G2.
  • Supercap may drive up the price of retail units.
OCZ Vertex 2 Pro SSD Review - The Sandforce Cometh - Storage 40 

This drive has not yet gone retail, and OCZ is still working out their channel pricing figures.  I suspect the Vertex 2 will be price competitive with Intel from a chip count perspective, with the Pro model seeing a little more of a price premium due to the added cost of that snazzy supercap.

Final Thoughts

For a pre-release drive on beta level hardware, this drive was a pleasant surprise indeed.  Intel has held the field for quite some time, but OCZ is obviously out to give them a run for their money.  The Vertex 2 Pro blew nearly every other drive out of the water, dominating in all but a few benchmarks, where Intel’s speedy G2 controller still holds the field.

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