To get the bad news out of the way first, the new HD 5670 from AMD is not yet available anywhere but is targeted for around a $100 price point.  Sometime in the next few days to a week we should start seeing the cards, but AMD has to be very careful as to the pricing.

As Ryan mentioned in his review, the HD5670 really doesn’t have the performance that was hoped for.  Certainly it is faster than nVIDIA’s GT 240, but not by much; but that is not the competition that AMD needs to worry about.  In this case they are their own worst enemy, thanks to the HD4850 that also currently sits on the $100 price point.  The HD4850 is a faster card, and not just by a handful of fps either but by a significant margin.  That may spell disaster for the HD5670 if it enters the market on the bad side of the $100 margin, the choice will be DX11 and EyeFinity multiple monitor support or more frames.  The problems get even worse when you consider the HD5750 beats the HD4850 at performance and offers all the benefits of the HD5xxx series for an additional $30!

Perhaps the graphics market is indeed tight enough that the $30 difference will have an impact but it seems far more likely the the HD5650 will be appearing solely in pre-built budget PCs from the likes of Dell or HP.

“The new Radeon HD 5670 brings a 40nm DX11-ready graphics card to the sub-$100 market for the first time ever! Can this new GPU put the screws to NVIDIA’s lackluster GeForce GT 240 card while keeping prices low? Stop in and read how AMD is hoping to revolutionize gaming for even those of us without thick wallets.”

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