For $140 you can pick up the 1GB ASUS EAH5750 Formula and BattleForge over at Newegg, not the cheapest of the HD5750s but certainly worth a look.  The Formula portion of its name denotes the fact that it sports a large cooler, supposedly 13% better than the stock parts.  The card is not factory overclocked, the frequencies are stock; when [H]ard|OCP tried pushing the card they managed a 155MHz gain on the GPU and 560MHz on the memory, with no volt modding whatsoever.  It is worth noting that the card hit 92C at that speed, and that [H] noticed the temperature at idle speed with no overclocking is higher than that of a stock card.

“Today we have the ASUS EAH5750 Formula video card on our test bench and we put it through its paces. The ASUS EAH5750 Formula offers a big custom heatsink and fan unit, but the big question is does it offer any advantages to gamers or is it just a lot of hot air?”

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