Not so long ago, just before 64bit OSes hit the mainstream market, there was many a flame war fought between proponents of different RAM amounts for systems.  The majority focused on the differences between 1GB and 2GB as well as the number of DIMMs used to reach those amounts.  Today you can drop in on Bjorn3D as they compare the relative merits of 6GB versus 12GB of Kingston’s 1600MHz HyperX DDR3 @ 9-9-9-27.  Windows 7 and an Intel 965 Extreme are both designed to take advantage of large amounts of system RAM, see how they fare in the full review.

“With RAM kits we’ve known for a long time that more RAM is better than less RAM. By that we mean if you have a choice between 3GB and 6GB or even 12GB get as much RAM as you can afford right out of the gate when building or upgrading a system. We’ve been testing i5 kits with 4 and 8GB and the 8GB kits give you a nice performance edge over 4GB kits. Now we are testing a Kingston HyperX 12GB kit so we are going to run the normal battery of tests on it then split the kit to a 6GB configuration and run some additional tests. So we’ll have the same exact kit running in 6 and 12GB configurations in selected tests to show you that more ram is advantageous.

We believe that having a larger kit is so important that we can say it’s more important to have more ram than it is to have faster ram. By that we mean if you have the choice of an uber expensive 6GB 2GHz kit or a similar priced 12GB kit that runs at a slower speed you are going to be better off buying the larger slower kit.”

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