While manufacturers incorporating Samsung SSD controllers have recently pushed out TRIM enabled firmware (OCZ / Corsair), those with Samsung branded units have been patiently waiting.  We imagine that was a bunch of folks, as Samsung is a major supplier to OEM’s like Apple and Dell.  It appears Samsung has just recently pushed out their own firmware updater.  It appeared at their SSD site:

Samsung Official TRIM Firmware Released - Storage 2

New firmware link red circled above.

This new ‘DSRD 1.2.0’ tool breaks from the normal routine of reverting your system back to IDE or ‘compatible’ SATA mode.  Their guidespecifically calls for enabling AHCI mode.  Before you go running to update, you should realize this firmware tool *will* wipe the contents of your drive, so image it beforehand or be prepared to do that clean Windows 7 install you may have been holding out on.

We did some quick testing with this tool and found it to recognize a Corsair P64 as well as an OCZ Summit 120GB.  The tool focuses on the firmware revision present as opposed to the model name reported to the system.

The tool updates firmwares VBM18C1Q or VBM1801Q to the new VBM19C1Q or VBM1901Q.  Most Samsung and Corsair P series drives have the current firmware noted on the drive label for easy reference.