It might look like a plastic lighter, but there is no butane inside, only a full charge of 60GB of storage.  At $60, the XIGMATEK Lighter offers you 60GB of portable storage in a USB 2.0 lighter sized package.  As you probably have guessed from the price, this is not a flash drive, there is a rather small platter housed inside the drive; something you should keep in mind if when you are carrying the drive around.  Tweaknews wasn’t overwhelmed with the speed, but it is the price point and storage density that really make the Lighter interesting. 

Well, that and the confused looks of your smoker friends trying to light their cigarette with your USB drive.

“With so many portable hard drives currently on the market, competition is fierce and consumers are always on the lookout for the best bang for the buck. The Xigmatek Lighter is a stylish, low cost option that easily stands out. Not only does it look like an actual lighter, it’s not much larger than one and provides an impressive 60GB of storage that fits in your pocket.”

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