AMDs next graphics card will be the HD5830, with performance in between the HD5770 and HD5850 and a price to match.  eTechnix speculates that it will be a downclocked HD5850 with a 128-bit memory bus using GDDR3 instead of GDDR5.  Hopefully it will sit right around a $200 price point, making it easier to upgrade your card or to slap in a second card for a Crossfire rig.

“AMD within the past year has released graphics cards in which not only compete with Nvidia’s price scheme but also obliterate Nvidia’s high end gaming graphics cards. So it is with no surprise that AMD continues to clear a path for the budget conscience user. AMD within the past year have proven themselves very successful with their 4000 series, as well as their 5000 series, which leads the market in performance to this day.”

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