The days of the ridiculously easy to overclock Celerons may have passed but the Celeron line does live on.  Take the Intel Celeron E3300 for instance, at $66 it is not expensive and it runs at a decent 2.5GHz on an 800MHz FSB but iXBT Labs gave it a bump to a 1066MHz FSB for an overclocked speed of 3.33GHz.  You miss out on a lot of new features and the performance suffers for it, but if you know what to expect it is a handy start to a very inexpensive PC.

“There are two angles to comment the performance of the Celeron from. On the one hand, we can see it’s not that bad. It’s the level of dual-core Athlon X2, not the lowest-end at that. However, from the other point of view, you can get much more in the low-end segment for a similar price.”

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