MechWarrior: Living Legends is a total conversion mod for Crysis which turns the game into a multiplayer BattleTech Arena battleground.  It is in open beta right now, letting you try out the almost completely finished game for your own.  The game rewards you for kills so that you can build credits to buy heavier mechs, as you first start you can only afford light mechs, ground vehicles and aerospace fighters; similar to CounterStrike but with vehicles not weapons.  Currently you can only use predefined variants of mechs, soon they hope to include the ability to customize your mechs completely.   I’d like to see your console do that!

If you do try it out, there are a few Fighting Frogs playing the game as well; let them know when you are on and what you think in this Forum thread.

“To quote and old saying I once heard “Robot Boners around the world!” The time has finally come to download and join us in playing this monumental creation!

To initiate release we have started a torrent so please if you can download and seed the torrent since after all this is a free project.”

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