Call it mobile computing or ubiquitous computing, the fact is that people want smart devices which can connect to the internet, carry around huge amounts of data and don’t weigh much.  One of the last analog holdouts is the book, but thanks to significant changes in technology the e-book is now here to stay.  They have been around in various configurations previously but never caught on; Amazon changed all of that a few short years ago.  Ars Technica postulates that 2010 will be the year of the e-book and from the examples we have been seeing this week at CES and from press releases, it is not hard to see why Ars feels that way.  Drop by for a look at what to expect over the coming year.
“This year will see a tidal wave of e-readers arrive on US shores, and as soon as they arrive they’ll be instantly commodified. Here’s a look at how the battle lines are now shaping up in the display and hardware corners of the e-book market.”

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