You have probably heard of the notable company titled Arctic Cooling, famous for their muted heatsinks and heralded for their thermal paste.  TweakTown is piping up about a hot new component to their business, Arctic Sounds, which promises to radiate cool music into your ears with their E361-WM Earphones.  Arctic Sounds distributes several sized silicone adaptors which should be compatible with all current generation ear canal layouts as well as a microphone if you wish to dissipate a bit of hot headedness and contribute to on some online discord. 

“According to the company ‘PR’, the Arctic Cooling team consists of some very highly educated folk with business, technical and communication skills to boot. Perhaps even some of the country’s watch making prowess may have washed over into the shores of Arctic ‘land’.

With that said, though, the skills used to make things quiet and cold (something the Swiss are great at naturally) is not going to be what’s called upon when designing a pair of high quality ‘ear phones’, But knowing the Swiss folk, their aim would no doubt be hair splitting accuracy, like any great Swiss time piece.”

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