If you are waiting for Win7 SP1, then Slashdot has some good news for you as they have some information on what it will be, if not when.  The Service Pack for Windows 7 has not been demanded with the same fervour as the Service Pack for Vista, partially due to the fact that a strong argument exists that Win7’s identity was changed from being a complete change to Windows, with the MinWin kernel and a new file system into being a quick and dirty replacement for Vista.  Whether that is true or not is up for debate but at least most can agree that the release of Win7 was nowhere near the debacle that surrounded the release of Vista.

In the meantime, you can drop by the Windows 7 Forum for tips on how to speed up your current install of Win7.

“The first inklings of a public Windows 7 SP1 beta program are beginning to emerge, with hidden registry keys and a leaked list of post-RTM build numbers surfacing on the Web. ‘Beyond the obvious bug fixes and security patches, we’ll no doubt see support for the new USB 3.0 standard. Likewise, enhancements to the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi stacks will be slipstreamed in, allowing Windows 7 to retain its mantle as the most easily configured version ever,’ writes InfoWorld’s Randall Kennedy. ‘But perhaps the most significant “update” to come out of Service Pack 1 will be the fact that it exists at all, and that by delivering it to market Microsoft will be signaling that it is now OK for IT shops to pull the trigger on their Windows 7 deployments.'”

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