If you are annoyed by the moniker ‘God Mode’ when it comes to the string that you can add to a folder name to create a super charged control panel then you may have forgotten your gaming history.  So called ‘Cheat Codes’ exist because developers have always allowed themselves back doors and shortcuts in order to test their programs.  It was hard to see how a level looked overall without no-clipping and looking for textures that don’t match can be hard without God Mode enabled.

The folks at Redmond are no different, apart from the software being an OS as opposed to a game, so they included their own cheat codes, as it were.  The famous {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} has been spread over the internets in the past few days, but were you aware there are over a dozen other strings you can use?   Drop by CNet and collect them all!
“Those intrigued by the “GodMode” in Windows 7 may be interested to know that there are many other similar shortcuts hidden within the operating system.

Intended for developers as a shortcut to various internal settings, such features have been around since Vista and even before, according to the head of Microsoft’s Windows division, who tells CNET that the so-called GodMode settings folder uncovered by bloggers is just one of many undocumented developer features included in Windows.”

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