Perhaps the most important line in Ars Technica’s interview with Jordan Thomas, the Creative Director of BioShock 2, is the first; confirmation that the game is indeed complete.  That puts the current release in the hands of the publisher and distributer; February 9, by the way.  They discuss how the pre-BioShock 1 story is told via the multiplayer game and how the single player game, which occurs after the first game, uses the story of the first game for the history of Rapture currently.   Don’t expect spoilers, but enjoy the screenshots and hints of what to expect.

“What’s the life of Bioshock 2’s Creative Director like now that the game is finished? “I’m mostly doing stuff like this,” Jordan Thomas tells me over the phone, referring to the interview. “It’s stuff that’s not necessarily natural to my character, such as looking at action figure designs, promotional materials… it’s not the main thrust of game development.” He assures us that there has been a short break, but the game is due out on February 9, just a few short weeks away.”

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