Monday has greeted us with the news of changes in several areas of PC component manufacturing.  The first is more than a simple announcement, it includes video and pictures of Allyn’s visit to a joint Intel and Micron fab in Lehi, Utah.  You will see some jealousy inspiring shots of dies as well as videos covering the technology behind the making of flash memory.  If you just want to jump to the juicy bits, then we are talking about SSDs becoming higher capacity and lower cost in the near future, though speed jumps will not happen until SATA 6Gbs becomes mainstream and the controllers on the SSDs get a much needed boost.

There is also news in the volatile memory market; Winbond is now working on a move to a 40nm process, which may or may not involve partnership with Elpida.  The Inquirer points out that this may be a risky move after a poor year, but one that is necessary to try to stay competitive.

The third shift comes from Samsung, as DigiTimes reports that they have just announced the upcoming availability of 2GB DDR3 using a 30nm process.  This drives the price down as well as dropping the stock voltage to 1.5V and 1.35V, from the 1.65 absolute recommended maximum for DDR3.  Less heat for the mobile and server applications and more overclocking headroom for the rest of us.

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