Yesterday Josh gave a summary of what we know about the upcoming Magny-Cours CPU from AMD, including some thoughts on the what AMD will be required to do to have a reasonable TDP.  Now from SemiAccurate we have some new information about the possible pricing and speeds of the various line ups of 8 and 12 core Magny-Cours, which oddly enough seem to be priced below what the 6 core models are pegged at.  The 8 core models will support quad-socket motherboards which will bring joy to the database admins but probably won’t be useful for gamers for a while.  Task Manager tracking 32 physical cores would be pretty impressive though. 

“Starting from the bottom up, we have the Opteron 6128 which is an 8-core model clocked at 1.5GHz. It’s priced at €253.49 ($343) according to TCMagazine. Next up is the 6132 which is a bit faster at 1.7GHz and that extra 200MHz nearly doubles the price to €489 ($661). The last 8-core model is the 6136 which is a lot faster at 2.4GHz and also a good bit more expensive at €692 ($935). These prices are still a lot cheaper than all of the AMD equivalent 6-core models, so all in all it’s not a bad deal, although the clock speeds are a fair bit lower. On the upside, these models should work in quad socket configurations, something which used to cost a lot more money.”

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