There is a bit of bad news on the PC Perspective Forums this week, as it seems that interest in the Fragging Frogs is flagging.  There is good news though, you can help revive this friendly circle of gamers if you want. They play everyMonday, Wednesday and Saturday @ 8PM EST, with a mix of various games in both vanilla and modded flavours.  Head to those threads to see what games are being played this week, consider jumping onto the Steam name friends list, the Xfire list and frag some friends. 

Even if you aren’t interested in gaming, you are obviously interested in the internet as the hyperlinks won’t work if you are reading this on paper.  For safety and for sharing your internet, picking the right router is very important.  A bad router can really have an effect on your bandwidth and an unsecured one can cause you a bit of worry and maybe a visit from Chuck Norris If you do lose connectivity, hopefully you can still watch and capture TV

Once you are back online, Episode #95 of the PC Perspective Podcast is ready to go.