The Patriot Box Office is a 5.5″x5.75″x1.5″ device that will run you $99 and includes quite a kit; the Box Office, composite video cables, a 5′ HDMI cable, the remote with the required batteries, and a USB to mini-USB cable.   That will give you a network enabled media player with a Realtek RTD1073DD inside that will display full 1080p content.  AnandTech tried connecting wirelessly and were rather disappointed with the outcome.  When they switched to a hard wired connection it worked brilliantly. Drop by to see what other tricks they managed with the Box Office in the full review.

“Patriot is a company that has built a reputation on PC memory, as well as USB drives and SSDs. It may then come as a surprise to some that Patriot has entered into the ever more crowded market of all in one media players. If you’re anything like me, you probably already have some sort of setup allowing your media to be played on your home theater equipment. Patriot hopes you’ll decide that having their tiny little box in your living room is a better way to go.”

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