If you have yet to try out HTML 5, through Vimeo, YouTube or other sites you really should give it a go.  This is the new improved version of HTML that Steve Jobs has bet the farm on with the iPad and iPhone.  Streaming video is the most common way to encounter this relatively new standard and you benefit from a better caching system and reduced CPU utilization but there is far more to it than that.  The Tech Report explores some of these uses, from bringing Wolfenstein3D to the web to an image editor with the help of Javascript. 

“By now, many of you must have looked at, or at least heard of, the experimental, HTML5 version of YouTube. And if you read the news, you’ll know Steve Jobs now expects HTML5 to replace Adobe Flash altogether as the predominant web video standard. Such a development would conveniently make the iPhone and iPad’s lack of Flash support a non-issue.”

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