There are a number of Microsoft OSes about to undergo changes, which you should be aware of.  The one you have probably heard the most about is the upcoming semi-expiration of the Windows 7 Release Candidate on March 1st, when it will start shutting down every 2 hours.  If you haven’t taken the hint and switched your OS by June 1st, then you will find your box is not bootable anymore. 

As well, support for the vanilla Vista RTM expires on April 13th, so please update to Windows Vista SP1 or SP2, if you insist on sticking with Vista.  You WinXP holdouts will need to do the same come July 13th, move to Service Pack 3 or you will notice a lot less updates rolling out, as in none.  If you are using an OS that has been supported now for a decade, it is time to put down those Win2K disks and upgrade, as all support for that OS ends on July 13th as well.

“Updating your Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista–based PCs before the end of mainstream support dates will ensure that your PCs stay supported and receive security updates. Migrating to Windows 7 provides the longest support lifecycle for your organization, helping to ensure protection, support, and timely updates.”

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