There are many tools for keeping track of the temperatures in your system, a great tool not only for those that overclock but vital in determining if you have proper contact between your heatsink and PSU as well as proper air flow through the case for your other components to stay comfortable.  The problem is that sometimes they produce erroneous results which can lead to you questioning your sanityOf course that is nowhere near as frustrating as when your network connection goes flaky, although that is less likely to melt your components. 

Once you are satisfied that spontaneous combustion is not a major worry, overclocking becomes an option.  In order to get the best bump you can though, it is always best to do a bit of research before hand in case there is something you are unsure ofIf you are a storage fan, then there is probably quite a bit you are unsure of with the constant changes in the market on both the SSD and the platter based fronts.

If you are utterly and completely stumped, or just looking for suggestions then drop by the newly polished Hardware Leaderboard, fresh as of this week.  If that is not the case and you just need the latest news on the greatest products then the PC Perspective Podcast comes highly recommended … even after 94 episodes.